What is Performance Coaching

What is Performance Coaching


  • Performance Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize his or her own performance.
  • It is helping them to get clarity and motivation, and understand rather than teaching them.
  • A performance coach does not judge people based on results, instead looks at how one can get better results, because no matter what results are achieved, there is always room for improvement.
  • Performance Coaching Process creates self-confidence and self-government teams.
  • Coaching people bets on partnership and collaboration instead of command and control.
  • It is a conversation between equals.
  • It is a thought-provoking and creative process to maximize personal and professional potential.


Coaching someone means to believe in his or her capabilities, resourcefulness, and potential , which allows you to focus on strengths, solutions and future success instead of losses, risk, weaknesses and past mistakes.


A coaching style of leadership requires connecting with other people on a personal – human level…beyond the task.

It means being, before doing.

It means stop thinking that the leader must be the expert and always knows how to do things the best way…

Understanding that the leader’s job is to unlock the ability of his followers to do what it takes, to motivate them and to understand them, is at the core of the coaching leadership style


Three things essentially determine performing well at anything you do:


  1. Your Knowledge and Abilities
  2. Having available all the needed Resources and Tools to properly execute the task
  3. Your Personal Motivation to do it.


So let us look at those one by one:

  • One will be able to perform only if he / she has the necessary skills and knowledge to do a certain task. These can include cognitive abilities, physical skills and knowledge acquired through education and experience.


  • A person will only be able to execute a task, if he or she has everything in place, needed to physically achieve it. Think in terms of tools and resources. Let say you need to create a presentation. Besides the obvious stuff like a computer and a software program for presentations etc., you will need the time to do it…


  • One will need the will to do the task. Skills, knowledge and means alone will not lead to good result. The person could have all the needed and all the knowledge but if lacking the will to do it, at the best-case scenario, the result will be mediocre. If we take the example from above, if the person do not actually believe in the importance of the mentioned presentation, or thinks it is not his or her job to do it, he or she will lack the needed motivation to do it with the needed quality.


YES, as you imagine, getting motivated is one of the goals of PERFORMANCE COACHING … (you could find more about motivation here) …





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