What is Organizational Culture?

Organizational culture is the combination of formal and informal rules, norms, traditions, and customs, professed by the formal and informal leaders in the organization. It is also the decisions and behaviors they do, consequently from that combination. It is also the available physical and virtual “artifacts” reflecting and emphasizing those leader’s values in the organization…

What are the Benefits of Culture Analysis?


Identification of potential internal organizational problems

Discrepancies in values between:

  • Departments
  • Teams
  • Different levels in the hierarchy
  • Interpersonal, etc.

Providing an adequate measure of compatibility between two organizations

In the event of eventual processes of:

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Key partnerships establishment
  • Outsourcing, etc

Improving the organization's ability to get insight over talent

Getting a chance for an informed decision about how to decide about employees and if they are an organizational fit:

  • Future employees
  • High Potential Employees
  • Promotion to Leadership roles
  • Letting people go, etc.

Identifying the potential for adaptation and development of organizational culture

Culture, the same as everything else in organizations has the purpose to serve it…

  • If it is not serving it, it hinders it…
  • It either develops or degrades…
  • Having the potential to influence the entire talent of the organization, it most definitely should be developed!


Organizational Culture Analysis

  • Identification of the strategic stakeholders  in the organization (formal and informal leaders)
  • Identification and analysis of individual values of the key stakeholders with world-leading assessment tools
  • Identification of the guiding values that determine the created combination of formal and informal rules, norms, traditions, and customs, as well as the decisions made and the behaviors dictated by them.
  • Identification of the available physical and virtual “artifacts”, reflecting and emphasizing the identified values, as well as those that differ from them


Extensive report over the resulting consequences of the analysis

  • Leading values for the organization and the resulting consequences for:

– The created work environment
– The qualities sought in potential new employees
– The qualities sought in the employees going through a promotion process
– Potentially neglected, and sanctioned employees based on their values

  • Information about what would be a potential fit in eventual processes of

– Mergers and acquisitions
– Key partnerships establishment
– Outsourcing
– Promoting employees
– Hiring new employees, etc.


Potential Problems Identification

  •  Identification and clarification of potential internal organizational problems based on discrepancies in values:
    – Between Organizations
    – Between Departments
    – Between Teams
    – Between levels in the hierarchy, etc.
    – Between departments
    – Between Employees

Suggestions for Adaptation & Development of Organizational Culture

  • Potential for adaptation to the values of key customers
  • Potential Leadership Development Programs
  • Potential Identification and Implementation of artifacts (real and virtual) emphasizing the organizational culture

Ongoing Consultancy Throughout the Process

  •  Once we make an offer, we stick with our clients till everything is implemented nice and smooth, so that they stay happy and keep doing what they do best – their jobs, letting us take care of everything else!
  • We make sure to implement everything we analyze and offer
  • We are there at every step of the process, sharp and ready to answer any questions and provide any support needed!


It is a proven fact – companies that take the time, attention and resources for external consultancy show better chance of success. Better financial and market performance and position themselves as more attractive to clients, employees, partners and investors!



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