We use some of the best-in-the-business psychological assessments for individual and organizational diagnostics!

SUITES (Sets of tools):

Culture Analysis Suite

Produces a report with information about:

  • Core Organizational Values and the associated consequences (work environment, the qualities sought in potential new employees, manifested preferences to specific employees, neglected and sanctioned employees, etc.)
  • Potential problems, based on discrepancies in values at key units in the organization
  • Prescriptions for the development of the organizational culture 

Brand Management Analysis Suite

Produces a report with information about:

  • Strategic brand-related stakeholders (clients, employees, leaders, partners, etc.)
  • “Map” of the key touchpoints with brand-related stakeholders
  • Brand Identity & re-shaping needs due to inconsistencies with the core target audience
  • Prescriptions for development of the strategic experiences re-shaping in the key touchpoints with the brand-related stakeholders

Leadership Analysis Suite

Produces a report with information about:

  • Identification of informal leaders in the organization (inhouse influencers)
  • Personality profiling of all formal and informal leaders and their impact on the organization
  • Leadership Success Index – information about the ability of the leaders to perform in all key leadership functions

Team Analysis Suite

Produces a report with information about:

  • Analysis of the team members for team-work and team-build competencies
  • Analysis of the team members for suitability via shared values
  • Analysis of potential conflicts
  • Proposal for prioritizing developmental targets for the team context

Single Assessments:

Overall Employment Suitability

Making the mistake of hiring the wrong people usually is one of the most costly mistakes an organization could make. Making an informed decision at the hiring stage is crucial, and it will help you:

  • Minimize levels of employee churn rates
  • Maximize employee retention
  • Minimize HR ROI
  • Shorten the selection & hiring process

Managerial & Leadership Position Suitability

Picking the right people for the right managerial roles is usually a challenge. Minimizing mistakes at this step will help you:

  • Minimize levels of employee churn rates
  • Maximize employee retention
  • Minimize HR ROI
  • Improve overall team performance
  • Improve overall team satisfaction, engagement, and motivation
  • Improve overall performance of the organization through right leadership decisions

High Potential for Succession & Promotion

Psychological Profiling of candidates for promotion helps you:

  • Pick the right candidates – making a data-driven choice
  • Understand what motivates them and what are their strengths and weaknesses
  • Find out what social competencies they need to learn in their development journey
  • Identify if they are up for promotion for the right resons

Employee Engagement, Satisfaction & Motivation

Helping you find out if your employees are:

  • Satisfied with the work, the job, the position, and their place in all this
  • Engaged with the organizational goals
  • Motivated to perform
  • Seeing themselves with the organization in the long term

Consumers Values Assessment Suite

Identification of core target client’s values for:

  • Strategic Product Shaping
  • Better Strategic Branding
  • Organizational Culture Re-Shaping
  • Better Customer Service
  • mROI Maximization
  • More Sales

360 Degree Feedback

  • Gathers performance feedback from rater groups which may include managers, peers, and reports
  • Outside of one’s awareness -provides qualitative and quantitative feedback
  • Makes specific recommendations for immediate
    action plans
  • Insight into reputation at work – snapshot of performance and behavior

It is a proven fact – companies that take the time, attention and resources for external consultancy show better chance of success. Better financial and market performance and position themselves as more attractive to clients, employees, partners and investors!

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