GROWTH for your Business, Brand & Team

Growth happens in the intersection of  Marketing, Brand Management and People

THE PROBLEM: Marketing and sales are broken! People hate being sold to, manipulated into buying stuff, and misled into useless purchases. People hate even more so all the advertising noise that is spilled over them from everywhere.

THE SOLUTION:  We are a growth consulting agency that helps digitally positioned organizations, to reorganize their processes in order to deliver valuable experiences for their consumers in every single touch-point they have with the organization.

HOW: By integrating the 4 key elements for valuable experiences – Business analysis, Brand Management, Applied Psychology, and Marketing.

WHY:  Because the Brand is how your Business gets in people’s Hearts and Minds, but People are who represent the Brand to the World, and Combining those two happens with a proper Marketing Strategy!

THE RESULT:  More Sales, better Consumer Retention, better Employee Engagement, Satisfaction and Motivation, Happier Investors, Consistent Growth!

Niki Markov (LinkedIn)




  • Identifying and Articulating key Problems/Needs/Opportunities that the company addresses
  • Identifying Core Target Audiences
  • Identifying Target Audience Values
  • Identifying / Shaping the Company’s Mission, Vision, and Goals
  • Shaping organizational Values in a way that aligns with the values of the target audiences in order to serve them properly
  • Identifying Key Competitive Advantages and Differentiators


  • Creating / Shaping Brand Identity
  • Shaping the Brand’s Mission, Vision, Goals, and Values
  • Mapping all the stakeholders’ touchpoints with the brand throughout their journey with the organization.
  • Shaping differentiated experiences for all touchpoints of all audiences
  • Planning for Brand Execution via all strategical mediums
  • Employer Branding
  • Team Branding


  • Translating Business Goals into Marketing Ones
  • Shaping the Short, Medium and Long-term Strategy
  • Formulating Digital Target Persona
  • Planning Resources, Partnerships, and Channels
  • Financial Evaluation
  • Marketing and Advertising  Partners relations management



  • Organizational Design
  • Short, Medium & Long-Term People Strategy
  • Key positions development
  • Identifying needed Key Competencies
  • Planning the Employee Journey
  • Personnel Development Strategy
  • HR Partners relations management
  • Working with the Executive team for change implementation


  • Planning your Digital  Presence based on your Business & Brand goals
  • Web and Mobile Website Creation
  • Online Shops (e-commerce)
  • Custom Software Projects Development
  • Premium Domains as a Service
  • Hosting & CDN
  • Tech and Digital Partners relations management
  • Digital Marketing Strategy and Planning


We use Our own Methodology, Backed with a set of Bulletproof Tools that we Developed over the Years to Help with the above…






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